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wanting a new subwoofer $250 price range

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i want something in the near future to replace my polk psw110. (well where it currently is placed) i want something bigger and better. but im on a budget. im in australia and there isnt much choice on what to get. (dream acoustics may be my only option) i could get like 4 dream acoustics 12 inch subwoofers for about 300 but theyre low quality and only go deep
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how about this

am not sure how good it is though...but its in the price range and its HSU

...more importantly whats your room size? Bigger room then you need to spend more dough....and how old is your polk sub? in my opinion to get a good sub you would need to bump it at least to the 400-500$ mark. Spend once, and spend it well. Dont buy something inferior and then guess what before you know it you are back again for a new one! So save until you can get a good one...is how I am doing it. I got my towers & receiver...now sub...later center & surrounds

ps...But, dont take my word for it, i am new to this stuff.
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About equivalent...

Is this for a family room or your room? Can you DIY? Do you have access to tools?

Look at the F20 thread in the DIY section of the forum. It would cost a bit more than $250 factoring in an amplifier, but you'd never look back. I haven't built one myself, but have built a Tuba HT and think the F20 would be a simpler build.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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