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Warhawk Network Errors: The Return?

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Are the dreaded network errors and disconnects back? Asking because I've had it happen to me two nights in a row now where I'll be hosting a room and all will be good for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and then the room will just die. Same goes for other friends of mine trying to host as well. Every user created room I've been in over the last 2 days doesn't last the full rotation. Anyone else experiencing the issue?
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Back to Harry Potter I guess!!
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Originally Posted by instantpop /forum/post/12853531

Stop stalking me, BMC.

I think you should cast a spell on him.
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I have been hosting games a lot lately for up to 16 players. Mostly DM at only 3 or 4 maps in rotation. We have had solid network connections throughout the sessions lasting some times several hours of chaos
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Warhawk is finally behaving for me again. I did a hard reset of my router after noticing that in my connection status the NAT Type was be returned as "Failed." A complete reset and restore of my router put it back to NAT Type 2 and Warhawk is now working flawlessly.

I'm curious, though, as to why Warhawk was the only game giving me issues. Seems strange that only one game out of all the games I play online would suffer due to this issue.

At any rate, things are back to normal!
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