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Hello all, check this out,

That NUTBALL WaltChink , is at it once again,

ever year around this time, he puts his P.O.S.

Panasonic S4990 on ebay, and EVERY year his

price goes up and up! Now at $1799.99, this PROVES

my point that people in Cali. SMOKE WAYY TOOO


Notice, he ALSO, has a Panasonic S4880 for sale as well

for $500.

NOTE: I currently have 2 S4990 vcrs, and paid less than $500

for the 2, and before that I also owned a S4880 SVHS as well.

I got rid of the S4880, because of more features that the

S4990 had, and both of my S4990 vcrs are sitting broke down.

I have the original box, remote and manual as well!


This vcr was not EVEN $1800 NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That seller is either delusional, has a deal with eBay where he gets free listings in perpetuity, or has actually managed to unload previous old VCRs at those prices on very wealthy, very stupid bidders. Panasonic has made some exceptionally good VCRs over the years, but like every other mfr has also made some exceptionally bad ones as well: the PV-S4990 being one of their more dubious achievements. Ever wonder where the built-like-a-tank AG1970 and AG1980 came from? They were Panasonic's response to semi-pro and pro users who routinely destroyed the flimsy 4990 within the first month (damn thing is made entirely of none-too-strong plastic, load a tape in the slot at a slight angle and the whole thing blows apart into unrepairable little chunks). Back when they were still sold, Panasonic sent out a post-warranty service bulletin telling repair shops to junk them and advise their owners to eat the loss because they weren't economic to service (the only way to "service" the 4990 and its sister models was to replace it with another VCR).
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