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I know there's many Areca HBA users out there, thought I'd give you a heads up and see if anyone has a working solution.

Beginning with Forceware 169.32, and carried forward with 175.16, Nvidia's display drivers are not compatible with either Areca's storport or scsiport drivers. This means 8800GT, 8800GS, and all 9 and 200 series cards won't work because they need 169.32 or later drivers.

I've tested on the following OSes: Windows XP Pro 32 bit, Windows XP Pro x64 and Vista Premium 32 bit. The OS will not boot into Windows unless you wait for around 2 hours, but even then, the environment is unusable. I tested on brand new fresh installs that were imaged for each OS. The only drivers loaded were the HBA and display drivers. As soon the the second driver is loaded, the system is unusable. When I use Forceware 163.75 or earlier, there's no problems on any OS.

I opened a ticket with Nvidia about a month ago an was told by a level I rep that it was being escalated to a level II, but have yet to hear anything from the level II after almost 4 weeks. I'm not holding my breath.
Areca is looking into it as well, but I doubt they can do much since it's apparently something Nvidia did in their driver update.

If anyone has an Areca HBA working with the 169.32 or 175.16 display drivers, please post your controller model, BIOS and F/W version, controller driver (scsiport or storport) and driver version in addition to your Nvidia GPU and GPU driver version and the host OS.

I have an Areca ARC-1260, F/W 1.44, storport driver on Windows XP Pro x64 SP2.
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