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I was planning on getting new headphones (Sennheiser HD650) and plug them in with my onkyo SR607.

But after some time surfing the web I found out most A/V reciever dont do well at all with "mid/high-end" headphones, especially not onkyo.

So then my plan went into invest in a good headphone amp and connect it with my onkyo SR607, but just when I was about to find some amp to buy I found out there is no pre out on this ****** onkyo.. And not like I want to switch cable everytime I wanna listen to headphones.

Simply.. I've got XTZ 8" sub, 2x Monitor Audio BX2 speakers, Onkyo SR607 as my setup now. I probably wont get any surround in the near future, but mostly bought this onkyo because I wanted to be able to switch between computer/ps3/TV which doesnt seem to work with pure stereo A/V reciever.

Any good tips or ideas what to do??
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