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Long time lurker for all the great info on TV models and where the best deals are to be had, but finally joined when a problem popped up with my Sony Bravia KDL-40VL160. As I was watching it one day, the color started to wash out. The longer the TV was on, the more the color washed out. I have attached a picture of the TV on a channel and with the menu up. As you can see, the menu colors seem fine, but channel picture is pretty bad. I was thinking t-con board at first, but it is not exhibiting the traditional lines that I understand are usually associated with a t-con failure. If it is the LCD screen, I'll just toss the


TV. But if it is something else and can be saved, I would like to do that. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
TV1.jpg 1,116k .jpg file
TV2.jpg 979k .jpg file


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