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WATCHED bambi last with the kids and wife - is it me or was the PQ just terrilble ?

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colors were washed out , very disappointed with the transfer
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Bambi was created with pastel-like watercolors which tends to look a bit faded.
This is indeed strange since I've an ad touting a new transfer in the current 2-disc rerelease.

i know , i expected a georgeous picture - far from it
If you are expecting "Lion King"-type colors you will be disappointed. It is an animation that utilized pastels over bold, primary colors. It is also 60 years old.

I thought it looked beautiful. What display are you watching on?
If you watch the "restoration" featurette on disc 2, you'll see how the old, faded film looks compared to how the new one looks and why the new one looks the way it does.
ok, will do - thanks everyone for thier replies
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