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Hi HTPCr's...,

wonderin...' I been using watchhdtv for long time....late '03' if I remember correct...

(if I can ask it here....I know it's supposed to be at xxxxx.net site now, but not much traffic through there.)

?question I wanna use the 2.0 beta since I upped to vista ultimate ver.

1.does anybody know if ya have to create the 'channel.txt' file and drop it in the folder like past ver?

2. This 2.0 beta has a 'channel scan' button, and doesn't allow user's (at least not me) to manually add channels. The program won't complete opening...it closes when I enable the 'channel scan button.' 'say's watchhdtv has now closed'...or something like that...I'm at work so I can't xact it for everyone.

3.Also possible (for non-opening) is my decoders are not accepted. I haveen't tried a couple others from some other software programs....but the one's (cyberlnk pwer dvd 7 vid & aud) worked 1.96.

Soooo if anyone has experience with the 2.0 beta, I'd apppreciate feeback.

absolutly the best HDTV receiving program out there. since 03'

if I remember right?
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