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WatchHDTV Signal Strenth -vs- MCE 2K5

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I have ATI's HDTV Wonder. Works great.

I use WatchHDTV to help me set up my TERK antenna, and I get great picture and signal on all channels. 16000%+ on all the channels I like to watch.

In Sacramento this is, CH 3 KRCA (NBC), CH 6 (PBS), CH 10 (ABC), CH 13 (CBS), CH 31 (UPN), CH 40 (FOX) and CH 58 (WB)...

When I test with WatchHDTV I get all the channels and they work just fine. However when I start up MCE 2005, the signal goes down and I can't get CH 13 (CBS), occasionally it comes in, but mostly it's not available. I can tune my antenna and get channel 13 fine, but then channel 6 is no longer available.

Going back into WatchHDTV everything is fine.

Why is it that WatchHDTV get's better signal strength? What can I do to make this better? I have contemplated buying a bigger antenna, but I am afraid it won't make a difference. I took my Terk outside and the signal strength was worse, not better.

I have also combined the antenna that came with the HDTV Wonder and the Terk, with a splitter, in reverse. This does not seem to make matters better.

It seems to me that day one was much better than today, as if there has been a degradation over time.

Please help.
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I would complain to ATI, and even ask them to check with Microsoft and see if it's a known issue. ATI seems to have a support ticket system, maybe that will work out for you.

I can say that I have a Terk indoor antenna, and I've found using a splitter or coupler destroys the signal. An amp of some kind would be needed to extend the antenna cable. Also for future reference with a splitter I'd use two identical antennas so they have the same length of cable. (Maybe superstitious.)
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