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Hey all, I'm a first time poster, but had a question that I couldn't find an answer to either on google, or even in the avs forums.

To set the stage, I have a 47 inch 1080p Vizio LCD and it has the ability to do a PIP feature, that effectively splits the screen down the middle and allows me two inputs at once.

Last night, I put in a copy of the Frighteners HD-DVD and a copy of the same movie on regular DVD to do a direct side-by-side comparison. The HD-DVD is running through HDMI (1080i limited by my Hd-dvd player) and the DVD is running through components (480p limited by my xbox 360). Side by side, i could easily see a difference (obviously).

So the stage being set, I was wondering that even though the left side of the screen was receiving a 1080i signal from the HD-DVD, since it's not utilizing the full screen, as there are black bars on the top and bottom to preserve the aspect ratio, effectively only using about a third of the screen, is it still true 1080i? Or is it, since it's now a smaller image and therefore only using a third of the pixels available, with the same full image, not true 1080i?

It's kind of a weird question, i know, but was curious anyhow.

Thanks in advance.
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