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Watching non-widescreen dvd's on a widescreen PJ

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I'm absolutely new to the world of Projectors. I just bought a Sanyo Z1 (it seemed to be the best PJ in my limited budget, to be used exclusively for dvd's), and a dalite model b 45"x80" high contrast screen hdtv screen. Will be hooked up to a panasonic prog scan dvd player w/ component cable.

My main concern (since this will be used totally for watching dvd's) is the way 4x3 dvd's will look on it.

Since I don't have it yet (just ordered), I can only work with proposals. My seating will be about 13 ft from the screen, with a throw of probably about 11 ft.

I assume that widescreen dvd's will look pretty good with those components. But how will standard dvd's look. I also like to watch a lot of tv-show dvd boxed sets (band of brothers, sopranos), how do those types transfer? Any info at all would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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4:3 dvds look pretty good (I watch lots of anime, and old tv series), but obviously they will not take up the entire frame, so you'll at least see black bars on the left and right, instead of top and bottom.

Non anamorphic widescreen 4:3 look the crappiest though, since you get the black bars on the top bottom + black bars on the left right, although you can zoom those a bit to fill the screen a bit more.

You won't have problems with material like Band of Brothers and Sopranos since those are 16x9 :) they look pretty good.
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