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Waterproof Remote

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I am new here, and have enjoyed reading these very informative posts.

I have a question and I have a contribution as well.

If anyone needs to control their audio/video equipment while sitting in their spa you could use the Dolphin remote from Balboa Instruments. It's waterproof.

It produces both IR and RF signals simultaneously. There is also a converter to go in the house with an IR blaster. I have been told this will work up to 80'-100'

I will try to attach the manual in pdf.

Now for my question. Sorry if this has been covered already, I did look for it.

I have enjoyed my replay tv's 30 second advance feature. Can anyone tell me how my new remote that came with the Cox HD cable box #8300 could also have the 30 second advance?

Thank you very much.



dolphin_remote_manual.pdf 438.37109375k . file


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I'm curious as to where you bought the Dolphin remote as I thought it just came with spas.
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