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Wave Patterns on X1

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Just watched Spiderman2 this time on the X1. I have a pretty simple

setup which consists of progressive scan DVD component out with a component to VGA to the X1 and a Dalite B screen.

Wierd..never seen this before and I'm sure this has nothing to do with the rainbow effects. Saw consistently what I can only describe as traveling wave patterns that moved left to right. Much more noticable on bright

white scenes.

Don't know if this is related, but I fooled with the sync threshold

since I was having syncing problems on some DVD's. I doubt this was the cause since I reset the settings back to the original setting.

Anybody seen this before? My current thoughts are power supply or heat or??? Thanks!

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If it was moving left to right is the projector on a table? The X-1 vents out the front and if it is table mounted, with an airflow from left to right it may be heat waves, or this post may be the result of 6 beers?????
Its heatwaves. If they bug you enuff and your PJ is on a table you can put a dvd case standing on end between the lens and vents that will get rid of them. A dvd that come in a cardboard cover like Pirates, lion king or star gate standup easy.
We saw heatwaves when we were first using our X1 table-mounted. Then we ceiling mounted it. No more waves since then, July 2003.
Thanks... The X1 is actually ceiling mounted.

It's something I setup at my girls place so I'll

try some stuff to figure this thing out when I go back

tomorrow. Man did this thing annoy me throughout spider2.

Any suggestions?

Mine is ceiling mounted 6" down from the ceiling and a foot in front of the wall behind it. Do not mount PJ flush to ceiling as the lamp will not get enough airflow.

I can't imagine why yours has a problem.
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