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What are the different ways to receive a cable company's unencrypted, i.e., unscrambled, QAM256 signals, besides the obvious cable-company provided STB (such as the Motorola 5100)?

(1) There are HDTV's with integrated QAM256 tuners:



Sony (550 series)

Toshiba (93 series)

RCA (Scenium DLP)

Any other manufacturers which currently sell such integrated sets?

What about in the next six months, any additional manufacturers coming out with such products?

If you know any model numbers omitted above which have such tuners, please post them.

(2) There are STB's purchasble at retail which receive QAM256:

LG LST-3100A

LG LST-3510A

LG LST-3410A (Is it being sold yet?)

Mitsubishi HD5000 (Is it usable with non-Mits monitors?)

Mitsubishi Promise Module (usable only with Mits monitors)

Samsung (???)

If you know additional model numbers, please post.

On the Samsung, I thought I read somewhere that the new STB was marketed as receiving QAM256, but it has not been functional for anyone. Is this correct?

Any other manufacturers currently selling such STB's?

What about new products coming out in the next six months or so?

In the synopsis, the following Motorola models are listed:

HDT300 - Q3 '04

HDT500R - Q4 '04

DCP600 - Q3 '04

DCP601 - Q3 '04

Any other method to receive unencrypted QAM 256 besides the above or any related comments?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Zenith 32V37 supposedly has a QAM tuner. I haven't tried it, I gave up on Comcast. OTA is killer.

MSRP of $999, much less at Best Buy. But it is only an ordinary 32" CRT with a built in OTA/ Cable tuner, not a plasma or anything cool.
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