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Hi Folks,

I have a WD-52525 that I have generally been very satisfied with. It was a floor model when I bought it in 2005 and we use it pretty heavily for movies and gaming. It did have the known problem for thise series with faulty capacitors on the power supply board, but I fixed it with some capacitors I purchased from Mouser.com for next to nothing.

Recently the set began to display vertical bands of static that scroll over the image on all inputs, and the image has now started to flicker to the point of being unwatchable. I opened the set back up and removed the power supply board for analysis. Sure enough, another capacitor had blown. This time though it appears to have been dripping some sort of fluid from the capacitor, which appears to have damaged two other large capacitors on the board, as well as a transformer on the board.

I would like to repair this unit as it has been a great set, but based on the cost / benefit analysis considering what is out there in the same pricepoint today, dumping alot of money into repairs is just not viable. So I was hoping for some advice in regards to the following:

1.) Is it likely that the damage to the capacitors and the transformer on the power supply board would be manifesting as static and flickering on screen? I'd hate to spend money fixing the PSB and find out that that isnt the problem at all.

2.) Does anyone know where I could find a replacement transformer / capacitors for the PSB? Mits doesnt have them listed on their parts page.

The capacitiors have the following writing on them:


CE 105 degrees C


1000 uF

200 wV

The transformer is labeled as follows:


TDK X 45

I have been unable to locate the capacitors on Nichicon's webpage, and the Service Manual isn't very descript on the specifications of the transformer, (though it does confirm thats what the part is).

If anyone has any insights or suggestions at this point I'd appreciate any input. Online auction sites have the entire PSB for sale for more than I want to pay, but again, not knowing if this will resolve the problem, thats money I'd rather put towards the next set unless I'm crystal clear it is going to breathe new life back into this one.

Thank you in advance.

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