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I've been looking for some guides to help me get a better picture on my WD 73733.

1) I would like a nice vibrant picture

2) I dont want to see motion blur

I would rather fix the motion blur over anything else. It's annoying. when watching blue ray especially or any good HD channel, the picture is great until something moves. For example, a close up of a man standing there talking, you can see every whisker on his face, but as soon as he moves they all go blurry. whats the deal?

Also, i can access the service menu, but I cant get to the test patterns. I havent been successful at finding any documentation on what the options are either. Is there any specific or universal documentation on the service menu?

I followed some of the tuning guides but the picture just doesnt seem right to me, but I have not yet changed anything in the service menu.

Doesnt seem like the 73733 is very popular.

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