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WD-73733 Issues, about to hire an attorney, need help

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I purchased the Mitsu 73733 in September (2nd) from a local retailer. For 2 weeks the set was perfect, I was very happy with the purchase.

2 weeks into ownership I'm watching a DVD on a Sammy Upconverting DVD player when the screen starts to freeze. Initially the bottom part of the picture is on the top half of the display, top part on the bottom. Then some diagonal lines, then everything freezes. Audio is run through my Yamah tuner and the sound never skips a beat. I duplicate this with numerous other DVD's in my collection. I swap HDMI ports a couple of times to try and troubleshoot to no avail. Along with this HDMI port issue, the picture is now grainy on any source. The once razor sharp picture quality is gone. If I had to describe it, HD signals look something like SD crossed with HD, poor.

I call the retailer where I purchased the set and state what I did above (I was more elaborative). They refused exchange, even though I was within the 30 days that they advertise. They insist on repair and refuse to exchange the set.

At this point if I returned it, I would have to pay 15% restocking, and I was not going to pay hundreds of dollars for this, considering the set had issues.

The retailer sends a service technician out, and he orders a new circuit board.

On the 30th day of ownership they swap circuit boards, still unwilling to replace the set. The circuit board does nothing to remedy the picture quality issue whatsoever. For the next few weeks I try and get the manager of the store where I purchased it from on the phone, no luck. I try calling corporate, no return calls. I try calling another store, the area service center, you name it. I was getting the run around.

After a few weeks the area service manager calls and says all they will do is refer the set out to a local factory authorized Mitsu service center. Backed into a corner I said fine. Service center picks up the set and a week later tells me they are going to order another circuit board for it, so this will be the 2nd one they replace. Weeks go by, and I finally get a call to come check it out at the service center. I show up (day before Thanksgiving), take one look at the PQ and it's worse than before. Service center says it's fixed, nothing more they can do and that is it, so they dropped it back off at my home. In the meantime I deal with it, and decide to watch a DVD that night. Piss poor PQ but whatever, well an hour into the film, and the same issue happens, screen freezes, lines across the screen, etc. Damnit!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometime in late October I had called Mitsu and started the process with them. I call them back after seeing the set in person and let them know the issue is not corrected. Since Thanksgiving I've called Mitsu every other day, dealt with hold times, you name it. Finally at the end of December I was told by the support agent handling this, that a replacement had been authorized. I call back a week into the New Year and same said agent expresses frustration at the retailer where I purchased. Weeks went by where this agent was leaving messages at corporate and they were not returned. A week ago, I finally get a call from the retailer service center asking what was going on. I explain the situation, that this had been going on since September. During the whole replacement talks with Mitsu, I was told that replacement had to be authorized through the retailer, fine! I just want a functioning, working, PQ correct set in my house!

So no word for a few days and I call Mitsu again today, only to find out the agent handling my issue has left the company. I am then told that a replacement had not been authorized as I was told, but that they were working with the retailer to get them to replace the set as should had been originally done in September. I raise hell and get the supervisor on the phone, where I'm told that I should have an answer by Monday. An answer I ask? I am then told an answer from the retailer as to "IF" they will replace it.

I am worn out from this. I've spent countless hours on the phone with Mitsu customer relations, countless hours on the phone with the retailer since the problem started, and it's heading into February, almost 5 months, and I've still got a brick in my TV room being unused. I contacted a consumer rights attorney today but I am at a loss on what to do. The retailer has screwed me around, as well as Mitsu. Nobody wants to step up to the plate and resolve this the way it should have been handled in the first place. I'm livid and will never buy another Mitsu product as long as I live. I just want a functioning set or my money back, and nobody will help.
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I experienced nothing but trouble with my 731 series from Circuit City, who after months, made it right. Mitsubishi customer service lied to me everytime I spoke with them and even the factory authorized repair man that they kept sending out to fix the problem, (which he couldn't) said they were the worst company he has ever dealt with and he repairs all brands. I now have a beautiful and trouble free Sony SXRD set. I wish you luck and yes, they deserved to be sued out of business for the way they do their customers. I also threatened them with letters to the Attorney General and lawyers, and BBB and they could have cared less. They farm their customer service out of the country.
I will never buy a Mitsubishi branded anything anymore either. Seriously, they have been dropping the ball for the past 4 years in terms of customer service and product reliability. I don't care if they release the best looking TV ever made... nothing will make me want to give them another cent again. They do not respond to anything... and threats just plain do not work. Hell, I've filed a complaint against them through the BBB, and they have not responded to that even after a month...
If the Tv is financed by a credit card company and not fully paid for yet, try calling them and having them try to mediate this issue, As I understand it, if you have a problem with something purchased by credit and it is not fully paid for you might have some hope for help
Here's something I found on net >>>>>>> Home audio & video: Mitsubishi DLP Television WD-57831 Class Action Lawsuit >>>>> forums.cnet.com/5208-7596_102-0.html?forumID=60&threadID=257865&messageID=2548435

Originally Posted by knitlady037 /forum/post/12860500

If the Tv is financed by a credit card company and not fully paid for yet, try calling them and having them try to mediate this issue, As I understand it, if you have a problem with something purchased by credit and it is not fully paid for you might have some hope for help

It doesn't matter if it's paid for or not, if you used your credit card they usually help, I have a visa, and I you have 60 or 90 days from purchase to dispute it, I have only done this once, while dealing with the Company I got no results, as soon as I turned it over to visa, the company was really helpful because visa was holding money from them until it was resolved.
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Do you have a small claims process in your state? Cheap and effective.
You should have contacted your CC right after your dealer refused to swap the set.

Who sold you this set?
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