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Hi all,

I have bought this product 3 months ago and now I am using it with the ext3-boot release 0.9.2 firmware. I am very happy with it but I have three main problems with this firmware;

1. Since I am using NFS server from my PC, there is a refresh problem, when I add new files to my shared folder I can not see them in the WDTV, I had to unlug and plug the power adapter to refresh it. I think if it is possible there should be an automayic or manual "refresh" option in the next firmware.

2. Since my harddisk is formatted as FAT32 I need to divide my HD movies into parts; there is no problem I can divide but my WDTV recognises the files' extention as mpg but not mkv. I know they are mkv I couldnt understand this phenomena.

3. If it s possible I need a restart option for the new released firmwares.

If anyone can help me on these subjects I would appreciate.

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