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After the most recent update I've developed delete problems. When I use the options menu, delete/move so on, the icon is no longer highlighted. The action still appears in the window but no highlight.

When deleting files from an attached device the graphics again glitch. With multiple files the graphics will stop randomly, the delete bar will remain empty, or all files will be listed as deleted on the bar but no ok appears to finish.

The files definitely delete. But the only choice below the bar is back to cancel.

I have reset to factory defaults. I have powered off by pulling the plug.

Other than that I have no other issues.

I had no problems until this update and this is the only area where these problems happen.

They may happen with move file, but I never use that.

Any ideas on a fix? I know I can downgrade, but kind of silly for such a minor hassle.

Thank You
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