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This has been a problem now for 4 months. I guess this is my last attempt of posting anywhere before calling western digital and seeing if they can help.

I have 2 1 terabyte green drives in my PC. Shares are setup exactly the same. One was purchased and setup before the other one. The older one shows up perfectly fine on my WD Live. However, as I add movie files to this folder, sometimes it updates and sometimes it does not.

After viewing by folder, I see 4 folders. C, Recorded TV, (something else), and E. I have actually removed the share off of my C drive to try to shrink down this menu think that maybe it will then add my other terabyte drive. I have no clue why those other folders are appearing.

I am completely up to date on the latest firmware. I use a Linksys dual band router but everything is hardwired. My machine is a Win7 RC.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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