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I have many MKV files and in dark scenes I see a fair lot of pixelation and its hard to look at the detail in the video considering these are high definition mkv files (720p).

I don't believe its the file itself because I have played them on my PC and they look fine.

I have a 26inch Sony bravia tv and have the resolution on WDTV set to 720p 60HZ, tried 50HZ made no difference.

Although settings to resolution on the WDTV to 'AUTO' helps a little

I brought an unbranded hdmi lead 1.3B for it to connect the wdtv and sony tv up I didn't spend a lot on a hdmi lead because I got told they make no difference in picture quality, could it be the hdmi lead itself that is causing this or another problem?

I have firmware 1.02.08

And are any other people getting this problem?

Hope somebody can help me it really ruins my viewing experience

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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