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We Used To Live Here on Netflix - In Development

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Netflix Lands Reddit Psychological Thriller Novella ‘We Used To Live Here’ As Blake Lively Vehicle

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix is making a screen rights deal for We Used to Live Here, a psychological thriller novella by Marcus Kliewer that got the town in a tizzy when it was shopped last week. Blake Lively is attached to star and produce with Kate Vorhoff through Lively’s B for Effort banner, along with Ground Control Entertainment’s Scott Glassgold, and 6th & Idaho’s Matt Reeves and Adam Kassan. It came to Netflix through 6th & Idaho’s first-look Netflix deal. Dan Kagan is also producing. Novella deal was a solid six figures and they are tying up the other deals.

Published as part of Reddit’s nosleep feature, the novella has a potent premise, about returning to your old childhood home only to realize it is not quite what you remember. A homeowner gets a knock at her door while her partner is at work. It’s a husband, wife and kids. They are peculiar, and the man says he once lived in the house and wanted to take a look around. The homeowner is just getting used to the old house herself, and things get progressively weirder as a snowstorm strands the visitors as they just won’t leave. The homeowner can’t get rid of them, and winds up sorry she ever opened the door as events progress.

This marks the second sale of a No Sleep story in the past year from Glassgold’s Ground Control to Netflix. Previously, Netflix bought Matt Query’s My Wife & I Bought a Ranch, which Query’s screenwriter brother, Harrison, is adapting.

Lively recently signed on to star in and produce Netflix’s adaptation of Lady Killer, based on the Dark Horse Comics series.

Book rights for Kliewer’s We Usedto Live Here are set to be auctioned off shortly.

Verve represents Kliewer and Ground Control and brokered the auction; CAA reps 6th & Idaho. WME reps Lively and her B for Effort, along with Management 360 and Sloane Offer. Ground Control is also repped by Ashley Silver.

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