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Weather Underground: companion to Fog of War?

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Being a pre-teen in the later days of the Weathermen and Black Panthers, there was always this huge mystique about them for me. The weathermen in particular were an idealistic group (Students for a Democratic Society) that transformed into a monstrous caricature of the protest movement, and even by the most stringent standard, a modern terrorist group.

For anyone that was around in those days, this documentary is one of the best time capsules of that era I can recall. (Much better than Berkeley in the 60's). Excellent use of historic clips, interviews, and a very wide focus in general of the troubled times of the late 60's.

I thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen so far and can't wait to get back to it. Funny thing though, I'm writing about this in my basement because the weather (tornadoes in the area) have forced me underground.

Just thought for all you fellow Fog of War lovers, this is a great companion film. It's endlessly thought provoking, well done, and at least in the sense of catapulting you back to an era, arguably better than FOW.

But warning: the parallels to modern events were also even more obvious and shockingly so. So political discussions could get out of hand and result in the thread being shut down before others can hear about this very good IMO documentary. Remember: the best decoy is to be coy. ;)
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I've got this on my Netflix cue, Mr.Crazy, and look forward to jumping in with my thoughts once I've had a chance to screen it. Of course I could just offer an opinion WITHOUT actually having seen it, but if I do that then I can't complain when others do, and I really like complaining about other people...Hopefully I'll be able to find this thread again in a week or two ...
If this is the documentary that aired on PBS then I saw it. It's good. Brought back the memories of naive left wing dreams (nightmares?).
Even though it wasn't the theme of the film, it was also interesting to look at from the perspective of understanding terrorist groups in general. Founded by no doubt idealistic and arguably compassionate people to fight extreme odds, its interesting to watch them rachet up the extremety of their actions to try to make any impact as they fight a losing war.

It's another painful case of the ends never justifying the means, but it also makes the case (at least to me) that you can't eliminate the breeding of terrorist groups until larger (and more devastating) injustices in the world are also being dealt with in good faith.

In this case, the end of the Vietnam war ended the Weathermen.
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