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Week Old ST30 just got a dead or stuck pixel. how common is this?

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hi guys... im extrememly bummed out and need professional advice...

i got a 50" st30 last friday. Once i got it home i thoughly inspected the screen using the scrolling bars built in along with solid color images. i was super excited that it didnt have any pixel flaws... last night during a commercial that had alot of white background i noticed a dot. i went in close and noticed it was a pixel fault. im not sure if its dead or stuck but theres something wrong... it stays a constant super dark near black blueish color. it wont go away. i tried running flickering rgb colors overnight and it did nothing....

heres my questions:

1.) what would you do?

2.) do dead and stuck pixels occur alot after a few days of heavy use?

3.) its located in the top right section of the screen, should i just deal with it since im scared if i get it replaced one may occur in a worse spot?

4.) even if i check the tv in the store and find nothing wrong how possible is it that i will get one after some use?

i was under the impression the st30 is a great tv with very low numbers with issues like this... why did this happen to me? Ive returned so many tv's this past month i dont wanna go through it again.

any pro advice is a great help. if you have a st30 can u tell me how long youve had it and if it has any dead or stuck pixels that came from box or over time???? what do i do!
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1) Nothing. It's part of plasma and 1, or 10, no real biggie. Many times they unstick.
If it bugged me enough from my normal viewing area, and didn't get un-stuck after some time or rubbing it with a microfiber cloth, I would think about getting a replacement. I've had 5 plasmas and none of them had stuck pixels.
I had a pixel die about 8 hours into the break in slides (this is one of the reasons I run them). Since there was already one in the very lower right hand that was DOA I decided to exchange the TV the next day, with no issues.

For reference I have an old 50" Dell plasma (a LOT of hours) that has no pixel issues and I also have a 50" Panasonic G10 with ~5400 hours on it and it also has NO pixel issues.

@tfoltz: Not sure what rubbing the glass does for unsticking the pixels

You pay good money for these things I surely would not just "live" with it.

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My rule is that if a defect is bothering me in normal use I return the set. I've had any number of tvs that had problems that only showed up on calibration slides that were just fine for their intended use watching normal content.

Stuck pixels are still fairly rare so I wouldn't be too worried about a replacement set being worse.

Don't wait until after the retailer's return period expires, most mfg. warranties won't cover stuck pixels unless there are above a certain number.

I think massaging pixels only works, if at all, on lcd panels that don't have glass coverings.

Originally Posted by mrfattbill /forum/post/20810051

@tfoltz: Not sure what rubbing the glass does for unsticking the pixels

My brain went a little loopy; I was thinking of rubbing LCD pixels. The rest of my post still applies.
I had two dead pixels with a relatively new 46" Panasonic S1 over a year ago. I contacted panasonic about it and the first person I spoke to said they would not do anything about it, saying that it had to be a group of dead pixels 1 square inch in size (which is rather extreme).

I decided to contact Panasonic a second time and the second person I spoke to asked me to e-mail them a picture. So I took a good close-up picture of it, sent it to them and they agreed to credit the store I bought it from so that I could get a brand new one. I ended up getting a 50" S2 and paid the difference.

If you're not happy with it, contact Panasonic and complain and don't take no for an answer the first time.
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