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Weird Mitsi Radeon interaction

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I've experienced a weird interaction with my Radeon card and by Mitsi TV, and I was hoping someone might know what is going on.

First I'm using an AIW 9600 Pro with a Mitsi WS 55411 as the primary & only display. In addition I'm using the 5.1 Catalyst drivers and PowerStrip.

When this started I was running a 856 x 480 display. When I pressed 'Info' on the Mitsi remote it indicated the display was running 1080i. The 856 x 480 display was the pre-defined HDTV derived setting in Powerstrip and did not have any overscan.

On a re-boot I mysteriously ended up in a 480p display but with a lot of overscan. I could change displays (like to 896 x 504 or 1776 x 1000) but every time I came back to 856 x 480, I was at 480p with a lot of overscan and Power Strip adjustments did not seem to work. Eventually I went to 720 x 480 and got rid of the the extended desktop, but still had significant overscan.

Today, on a reboot, I'm back to the Mitsi info display indicating 1080i and no overscan. When I look at the Powerstrip advanced timings they look identical to when I was stuck in 480p. This is the way I want it (1080i & no overscan).

Any idea what happened? Any way of adjusting the display using PowerStrip if the Mitsi is indicating 480p? If not, any way of forcing the 1080i display, if it goes back to 480p?

For what its worth, on start-up the display looks like its in 480p mode until either the PowerStrip or the ATI system tray icon loads, then it changes to the 1080i display.

Go Figure

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Well, I've gott the same TV, but a Radeon 9800 Pro.

I've always shyed away from keeping Powerstrip on my system since adjusting the picture didn't work well with it. I found that modifying the picture via ATI drivers to work better.

Here's what I do. I'm using a VGA to RGBHV cable (so as to avoid using the dongle and it's restrictions on DVD playback and available resolutions). Fidn and use Karnis's Mits. driver in the long thread about timings (dont know the link off hand)

1) Install ATI drivers (comes up at 640x480 I think)

2) Install Powerstrip

3) Run powerstrip to "add" wanted resolutions (I add 960x540p, 1776x1000i).

4) Upon reboot, uninstall powerstrip, then reboot again

5) Now, go to diplay properties and go to monitor-> list all modes, and pick your wanted resolution.

6) Enjoy.

I found it impossible to remove ALL overscan. 960x540p is what I normally run at while watching SDTV and everything else. I switch it up to 1776x1000i or 1920x1080i for watching HD stuff. Actually, at 960x504p I have underscan on the left and right sides, but a bit of overcan on the top and bottom. It's very tolerable. You could probably fix this if you could go into the service menus of the TV and adjust the overscan (something I know is possible, but I don't know how to do).

I'd like to hear back with how you make out. If you come up with a different approach that works, let me know.


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