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Newbie here. Sorry I can't be more specific with the subject of the post, but I don't know the technical term for what's going on.

Setup is a Samsung LN40B640 connected directly to Comcast cable through the cable jack, no HD package, no cable box.

When viewing standard definition cable channels through the TV, I've noticed a weird problem where all parts of an image don't appear to move at the same speed. For example, on still shots where a person is talking, and their head is moving slightly, their eyes don't have the same slight movement as their face. This gives the effect of their eyes moving around slightly on their face. Another example would be while watching an epsode of Stargate the other night, there was a hand-held shot of the stargate. As the video shook around, the inner part of the stargate and the outer part of the stargate didn't move at quite the same rate. This made it look as if the width of the stargate kept changing.

I'm assuming the problem has to do with the interlaced video and how the tv is handling it. I've tried various auto motion plus settings, and have adjusted judder to top and bottom limits and haven't noticed any difference. I don't notice the problem from DVD (component).

Is there a technical term for what I'm seeing? Any suggestions on how to minimize or eliminate it?

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