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Alright, I'll try and keep this short.

I have an Onkyo 505. I am running a Panasonic BD-55 and X360 to it with optical connections, and a Toshiba A1 and Motorola DVR to it with coaxial. I'm running 5.1 analog from the A1 and BD-55 to it also, as I use digital sound for DVD's and analog for lossless soundtracks.

Now, all the digital inputs are assignable. Problem is, there are four audio inputs (2 coax, 2 optical) and only three video inputs to correspond, so I thought I had run out of "room" to allow the newest digital connection, the optical from the BD-55. It was already hooked up and I was tinkering a bit, but in the end I was watching a DVD on the BD-55, accidentally left the receiver on the DVD input (normally used for the A1) but the sound was working completely normally.

The receiver is on one (DVD) input, receiving sound from two completely different cables, one optical and one coaxial, from completely different machines (at different times) and it's processing both normally.

Is this normal?

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