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Hello all, I am a big fat noobie to the forum, and to HT.... So please excuse. I have looked this forum over and over and over....etc. all.... Wow, how to keep up?

Besides all that, I would love it if someone would show me around a little, as I am amidst (slowly) putting my HT together.... so here goes.

HTPC: two to choose from...(home network) both running Windows XP Pro

Abit NF7-S

Athlon Barton 2500+

Chaintek FX5600 Ultra

1 gig Corsair DDR(333mhz)

Maxtor 120GB HD ATA133 w/ 8mb cache

16X DVD (BTC because it was cheap and I was starting to get skimpy..lol)

using the onboard sound for now, thinking I will someday send it out optical digital to reciever and Accoustic Research HT speaker system.

Abit KV7

Athlon 2400+

GAMECUBE Radeon 9200(not installed yet...on its way - using Geforce2 MX)

256MB Samsung DDR(266mhz)

WD 80GB HD ATA100 w/ 8mb cache

16X DVD (same as a bove...move between system for now until I learn better choice of DVD)

BT TV tuner card (oldie but goodie with Dscaler...)

I have used both to push video at 1280 x 720 @ 70hz over a standard RGB to RGBHV cable to a NEC PG-6000 CRT with 100 point convergence board... I think I have the convergence pretty close to perfect. I'm projecting onto a Parkland Plastex 5 x 10 screen, here is my questions for debate = hehe

What should I work on first? The video is already eye popping to me, yes. However it could definately get better. The first thing I think I want to clear up is a fuzzyness I notice primarily in text on the Windows XP desktop. When the text is black it is pretty sharp, but white text is blurry. I think its mechanical because its the desktop, most of the DVD's I've watched its obviosly the medium causing most of the blurs (ie. the captions in LOTR). I have tweaked the EM focus for days now, and it never gets any better than it is now. So, should I look at:

a.)upgrading the RGB to RGBHV cable to a high end (ie. $120 or more cable from PSI or something like that)

b.)upgrading the screen (although I don't think its likely as the video images are VERY nice...:D)

c.)something else I'm just to new to know about...

d.)go to work on some other problem because its inherent until you buy some $1000 piece of equipment to get rid of it.....

Secondly, I have $400 to play with...should I go for starting the sound system (I'm currently just using my PC speakers...ick) or should I be more interested in getting the HDTV going with a HDTV tuner card...(how long to the Superbowl anyone? (am I starting an insufferable debate here?))

Thanks all in advance for your expert and experienced opinions...

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Welcome to AVS Forum. Yes, there is a lot of activity here on all kinds of topics. The only way to "catch up" is to follow the discussions that interest you for a while, there is no quick way that I know of.

I think you would get more useful responses if you posted your questions on the HTPC forum up in the display area. The folks who frequent those discussions know a lot more about HTPC issues.

Good luck!
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