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Re: Samsung STB and Program guides.

My replacement Samsung TS 160 still does not display program guides properly. It downloads from Directv ok, but does not display station input PSIP guide data. For those who have problems with program guides, here is additional information from Wayne Estabrook of UNCTV:

"We presently have program schedule data through the 29th of September in

the PSIP computer which is automatically downloaded from Tribune Media. We

will soon be doing the input of this information ourselves with our

traffic system software. (Myers Protrack)

We limit the actual PSIP program guide data that is broadcast to 12 hours

ahead so it doesn't take forever to download. My Samsung SIR-T165 behaves

much differently than your SIR-TS160 and I have both a mini guide and a

full guide selection. It takes quite awhile to download the full guide but

the mini guide is quick. The guide process leaves a lot to be desired as

the program goes away while the guide is being viewed / downloaded. My

DirecTv receivers while watching DirecTv programs, allow the guide to be

displayed while the program is still playing in the background. It would

be nice if the terrestrial DTV receivers worked the same way."
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