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I purchased a Wety 3213 from BB on BF 2006.

I've always used it hooked up to my TiVo S3. Back then the TV tuner worked fine.

As I used it, the Video1 input would bleed into the tuner.

Then as time went on, the lower analog channels would get audio, but the video would be scrambled.

Now, all the analog channels (RCN Cable) have only audio/no video. The digital channels are all fine.

I only notice this now, since I replaced the TV with a Sony KDL-46W3000, which gets all the analog channels just fine (but only use the S3).

Awhile ago, the TV went loopy and all inputs showed as invalid. After shutting the TV off/unplugging it for a few minutes "fixed" that problem.

I purchased the 4yr PRP with this TV, so I have a little over 2.5 years on the plan. If live w/o the analog channels, should I just wait for the TV to go completely/wait for the warranty to finish, whichever comes first?

At least the black lines from the SD bars are gone
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