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Does anyone have or have access to the firmware updates for this model? I had the DVI and HDMI line issues, so I sent it in and for a new one which fixed that issue, but introduced others such as freezing and other strange things.

I'm currently using firmware V1.1 from 20061114

I know this is a cheap TV, but it has a USB port so I want to update the firmware. Westinghouse is no help, as my TV is over the 1 year mark they won't allow me to download firmware updates. They also refuse to say anything to me over email besides the standard canned Westinghouse response.

I would really appreciate it if anyone has these updates, or could get them for me. Maybe someone with an in-warranty model of this TV could go to the site and download all the updates and send them my way


Thanks for any help any of you guys might provide. I'm really hoping to at least make this TV usable for the bedroom or something.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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