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So I have this old tv and it actually still works well, except when I'm attempting to use my iPad digital av connector w/ hdmi output on it.

It seems to only display a squished image at 1080i (looks like 4:3 at that resolution), and of course using 'fill' doesn't fix it.

I'm currently on firmware 3.02, micro version 021, and attempts to get a newer version is just completely failing.

The hdmi cable, nor the adapter, nor my iPad are the issue because I can fire up my dvd player @ 1080i with no display problems whatsoever.

Am I totally S.O.L. and should I get a new tv, or can this be fixed with an update? I've tried to read up on hdmi handshaking, but I can't seem to find a remedy to this television model.

Any help, anything, would be appreciated.
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