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Westinghouse SK-32H240S Calibration Help

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I just got this tv the other day and I want to calibrate the picture for optimal HD quality. Im not very good using Avia so I kind of winged it. Can anyone that has this tv give me some help maybe their settings. I want to make sure my tv's brightness and contrast are not to high as to not ruin the tv. Thanks in advance
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If by "ruin" you mean physically damage the TV, I wouldn't worry about it. Unlike CRTs and plasmas, cranking up the contrast won't hurt an LCD TV. It CAN do awful things to the picture quality, of course.
Here are the settings I'm using for OTA

Brightness: 55

Contrast: 53

Saturation: 25

Hue: 45

Sharpness: 41

Backlight: 1

Dynamic Contrast: 1

Flesh Tone: 2

Green Boost: 0

Blue Boost: 0

User (R-230, G-241, B-234)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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