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I took my old TX42F430S Westinghouse to the repairman today and was told that the main board is fried and needs to be replaced but there is 'no way' to find the part. After looking on Ebay for 30 seconds I found the part for 100 bucks. I also found someone on Craigslist with a CW46T9FW Westinghouse. Can I use that main board in my TV? They're both 46 in LCDs.



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The Westinghouse TX-42F430S is a 42 inch not a 46" set from what I can see no you can't use the CW46T9FW part they are not listed as being comparable main boards . Also if you find a replacement board you might have to download and

update the sets firmware via USB if your set has that capability consult the mfr. support website for your specific model.

Often the same main boards and other parts will be in various models or even different brands and main boards sometimes need the correct firmware to tell it what set it is in .

I just updated the firmware in a brand new Sony 40R450A I bought recently real simple

to do.

If you can get the actual part # number from the main board try that and Google that part #

PCB boards can sometimes vary within a specific model run and may or may not be compatible. There are services that can repair your existing board
here is one also shopjimmy.com repairs some boards I would give them a call 1st if I couldn't find one
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