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Hello Madison Viewers,

As you now know WHA-DT (21.1) signed on the air April 23, 2002. As I mentioned in the first posting, our capabilities for now limit us to broadcasting the PBS High Definition Loop and programs fed as part of that service. However, PBS is doing a great job in adding quite a few programs to the Loop schedule that you should find quite impressive and entertaining -- Frontier House (SD Widescreen), Evolution (HD), Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa (HD) and Tracks Ahead (HD), to name a few. In the coming weeks and months the schedule is very robust with HD and SD Widescreen programming.

To help you know what to expect Wisconsin Public Television has just launched a website dedicated to our digital channel. The site has a link to daily schedules of HD and SD programs, as well as a full listing of HD Loop times and content. For now, the weekly scehdules are in PDF format, but will soon be converted to HTML for ease of use.

In addition to schedule information, we also have a DTV Discussion Forum for our viewers. This is the place to ask questions about schedule, reception, equipment and technical issues related to WHA-DT. As a bonus, we have asked the chief engineers at all local commercial stations to participate in the message board, as we hope this will become THE forum for all digital stations in Madison.

So, for everything you want to know about WHA-DT please visit our website at http://www.wpt.org/digitaltv/ And, as always, I'm available via email at the address below. Looking forward to seeing you online!

Garry Denny

Associate Director of Programming

Wisconsin Public Television
[email protected]
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