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I'm planning to buy an 5.1 speaker system in the future, but right now I'd like to buy stereo speakers for my living room (the 5.1 will be in the bedroom), for listening to music. The source would be my computer in both cases, in the living room I only need 2.0/2.1.

I don't have an amp yet, at first I looked at active speakers (Audioengine A5), but then I thought why pay for the additional amp, I buy the AV receiver now, no need to plug the cable out of my computer out, zone1 will be the 5.1, zone2 will be the living room (2.0).

So far I tried narrowing down my choices, and so far (based on reviews) I came to the Wharfedale 10.2 (or 122). The room is 3.5x4.5m (11.5ftx14.7), volume won't be loud - I'm hoping to get high quality sound even at low listening volumes.

I haven't seen much 122 reviews, much less 10.2 vs 122 comparisons - while here the 10.1 and 121 costs exactly the same, the 122 costs 20% more than the 10.2. If anyone had the chance to compare the 2, is it worth the extra 20%?

10.1/121 is still an option - I'm just not sure if they have enough bass (I listen mostly to heavy metal, drum and bass, edit: +some other electronic music and maybe some classical), but I don't necessary want to "feel" the lowest ends - nor do the neighbours).

The receiver would be an Onkyo NR-515 (rated 130W/channel, even for the zone2 ones), I hope it will be enough to power them.

Other recommendations for speakers/receivers are welcome (edit: if for some reason these options wouldn't suit me)

I will also try to audition them, but I'm not sure I will be able to do it here.

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