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I have a small secondary two-channel system in my bedroom. It comprises a Marantz NR1403 HT receiver and Wharfedale Dentons connected to Samsung HDTV, cable box and a Sonos connect. The room measures 16x13. I like the overall sound quality, finding the system musical and non-fatiguing. The only negative is it does not have the air and clarity in the upper-end like my LR system. I am not sure I should mess with it, though, since I like the overall sound since I changed from older B&Ws (cd2se). The system will remain with just two main speakers. A sub may be added at some point, but I actually like the Dentons without a sub.

My thought is to change the Marantz receiver (50 watts) in hope of elevating the Dentons. I enjoy their musical nature, but it would nice if there was a bit more transparency and air on the upper-end. It’s most notable on female voices which seem slightly veiled, but still sharper than my older B&Ws. My choices would be either a Peachtree Audio Nova65s or Hegel H-80. The Peachtree is about half the costs of the Hegel, while the Hegel seems to garner more consistent positive reviews. The 3rd option is getting a higher-end Marantz such as the SR7007 which would offer more power and room correction. It also adds bass management in case I decided to add a sub at some point.

The second thought is possibly replacing the Wharfedales at some point with the Kef LS50s. The Kefs seem to get such praise for their transparency and musical nature. I think I would want to try them at some point, so I would like any option to also be capable of driving less efficient speakers. I have heard so may mixed comments on the Kefs' power needs. I know I need to determine that for myself, albeit there are no local dealers. On that front, I have a local Peachtree dealer and I have heard the Peachtree with Focal and Paradigm speakers. There is also a local Hegel dealer, but they don’t have a H-80 on display.

Given the above....
1) Will a change to one of the amps/receiver mentioned above positively impact the Dentons?
2) Would you expect the Hegel to outperform the Peachtree? Do you think i=one design inherently would sound better with the Wharfedales?
3) Would you recommendation change if the speakers were the Kef LS50s instead of the Dentons?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Peachtree Nova65se
+ well reviewed with comments on being slight warm sounding
+ attractive physical design
+ comments about good service
+ efficiency of Class D design
- comments about noise floor issues
- they seem to change/upgrade models frequently

Hegel H-80
+ well reviewed with favorable comments on power & transparency
+ robust design according to reviews
+ low noise floor
- don’t seem widely known with smaller dealer network
- limited options to find dealer who stocks it

Marantz SR7007
+ familiar with Marantz products
+ room correction & bass management
+ more power
- improvement might not be noticeable
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