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Almost every model that people ask about in many forums, The answer is always: this is entry level
Can you help me to understand which Wharfedale is better as stand speakers for movies?
I will add center, sub and rear speakers too
all will connect to new Denon 2300

Vardus (300/400/500)
Atlantic 400
Diamond (150/230)
xarus 4000/5000(same as Valdus???)

Thanks, Hezi

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Several of those must be discontinued models as they don't show up on the Wharfedale Website.

Vardus are cheaper/entry level, Diamonds are upper end/more expensive.

Atlantics look like they used to be mid level.

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The Diamonds are Wharfedales longest enduring and high selling model, and they are very good speaker indeed.

The Valdus and Xarus were DJ speakers - Big and Loud. The sounded OK for the price, but not remotely as refined as the Diamonds.

The Vardus were a line of low cost Home Cinema speakers introduced by Wharfedale.

Atlantic were one of those speakers that did not get wide distrubution, I think they were available only in certain parts of the world.

Only the Diamonds have endured beyond all these short term lines of speakers, and they are probably the only speakers I would recommend, though they are a bit higher priced.

Two speakers that are typically recommended together are the Monitor Audio Bronze and the Wharfedale Diamond; both similarly priced. The Diamond are a little smoother, and the Monitor Audio are a bit more crisp. Typically, if you don't like one, you will probably like the other.

The basic Monitor Audio Bronze 1 (5") run about $298/pr. ($399/pr retail)


The latest Wharfedale Diamond 220 (5") run about $350/pr -


The larger 6.5" version of each speaker, Bronze 2 and the Diamond 225, are a bit more money.

Monitor Audi Bronze 2 = $378/pr ($499/pr retail)

Diamond 225 = $450/pr

Music Direct still has some Diamond 10.2 (6.5") on close out -



Wharfedale has a new line of speakers just above the Diamond called the REVA, considerably more expensive, but nice speaker -



The Valdus, Vardus, Xarus tend to be big powerful speakers (all discontinued) at an amazing price if you can find them, but not the most refined speakers.

Though you may find a few of these speakers available on Ebay, the only Wharfedale still in production are the Diamonds -


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