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What 21" monitor to get?

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I think i should upgrade my 19". I don't know. What can i get for around $500 street price? I could probably spend a few hundred more, but i wouldn't do that unless i really can't get anything good for $500. The monitor will be used primarily for Photoshop and 3dsmax. So far, the only monitor that i'm considering is the iiYama Vision Master 510/511/512, because several people recommended it to me, and because it's the only monitor i could find that supports [email protected]
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I'm running an iiyama Pro510 and I like it. I am not a very tough critic though. The only bad point I can think of for the Pro 510 is that it is very loud when it is turning on.
pricewatch sucks for big items like that....the shipping charge will vary too much and the companies love to play games to make the cost look lower
Hello Diabolic,

I have several Samsung Syncmaster monitors right now and I have to say there damn good for the money ! Used to have Sony's before but these are not a bad choice at all. Vivid colors and incredibly bright.

Resolution capabilities are not bad at all and they come with RGBHV inputs.:D


The one screen menu is a real pleasure to work if you need it and most important buttons are there where you need them. Also fitted with USB ports.

Greetz Fozzy
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If you must have the best, then look at the Sony G520.

Maximum Resolution:

2148 x 1536

1881 x 1440 @ 85Hz

Dot Pitch:

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