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what about DVD cases?

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Everybody talks about the best deals for DVD+/-R media.

But the cases can be "pricey". Where do you go to find the best prices?
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Keep your eyes open for FAR (free after rebate) sales from places like OfficeMax and other office supply stores. They seem to have the best prices on slimline CD/DVD cases.

I've got a stockpile of about 200 of them....all free after rebate from various sales.

But even when they don't have the FAR sales, they can still be pretty low. I think it may be OfficeMax that has a sale this week of 100 slimline cases for $8.99.

Costco has a deal right now for a kit including a DVD scratch repair kit, 18 DVD cases (like the ones at Blockbuster), a labeling pen and a small DVD organizer for $4.99+tax AR ($10 rebate). There's a limit of 3 on the rebate per household. Picked one up today and the cases are nice. Think I'll head back over tomorrow and pick up 2 more at this price. FYI, the rebate printed at the register but was not listed on the display so these may stick around for awhile. YMMV.
If anyone's interested in special multi-DVD or multi-CD cases, www.effectuality.com has great prices. The shipping tacks on a bit though, but the average price comes out to be very good if you order enough.
Saw this idea on Fatwallet yesterday and tried it last night. Go to your local Blockbuster on new release day (Tuesday at mine). Ask them if they have any cases. They were willing to give me as many as I could carry. These are the original DVD cases and they trash them after moving the DVD to their protective case. Small BB sticker on front of clear jacket but I guess that could be removed. As always, YMMV.
I usually buy from these guys:


I have a few of the single cases sitting around, but the 2DVD cases are ideal since I can pack in twice the number of discs in the same space.
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