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I've been looking desperately for a "cheap" (under $500) HTIB with HDMI input and LPCM support (I don't need TrueHD hardware decoding since my laptop should be able to do this I guess), but all the models I could find (Samsung AS720, Onkyo HT-S6100, Sony HT-7200DH) don't seem to be available in Japan. Since I am living in Kyoto, I have no other choice than looking for Japanese models, and haven't been able to find anything interesting on the national market until now.

Therefore, I am starting to think about composing a system myself. Here is the cheapest setup I could get until now:

Receiver : Denon AVC-1509 (30000yen)

Subwoofer : Yamaha YST-SW010 (10500yen)

Speakers : Yamaha NS-B210 MB (2x5600yen)

Center : Yamaha NS-C210 MB (5800yen)

Total : 56500yen (so a bit more than $550)

May I ask you about your opinion about this setup? Would it be worth its price, or should I better keep looking for a HTIB which would perform better than this? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards,


P.S.: I am a newbie on this website, so I am not really sure if this post was sent on the appropriate forum. If not, please feel free to move it.
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