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What am I doing wrong: Bad Live TV Quality

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I have a 4504 hooked up through the S-Video from my digital cable box to the replay to my A/V recv. I do not have the Coax cable hooked up right now. When I watch "live" tv, the picture it very grainy. I cannot believe the picture is supposed to look this bad.

Any thoughts?
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Does it get better when you press the BYPASS button on the Replay's remote?
My brand spanking new 4504 does the same thing. And another thing that I noticed....I have my Digital cable box RF hooked up to the RF connector on my Sony TV and RCA Output going to the replay and s-video coming out of Replay and into the Video-1 connection of the TV. So I can flip back and forth between Replay and the cable box. Even with the Replay on live TV, there is a three second delay on the "Live TV" of the Replay unit. So the Replay unit is playing from the buffer, which explains why the quality is so pixelly. Bypass fixes this, as you mention, but then you lose the true PVR features.

This drawback, coupled with the 5-7 second channel change makes this unit only useful with the digital recording capabilities (Which are 100% cool, never-the-less). The live-tv functionality is out of the question if you want good quality or if you are a channel surfer like my wife.

I think that the quality improved by setting the default recording quality to high. Could have been my imagination.....but I am curious if that setting affects the buffer quality? I will try to verify and post.

Even with these two drawbacks, this unit is awesome. Can't wait to run a network cable to the back of the unit. I only wish this unit ran on Linux so that I could play with it even more like the Tivo units.


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