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what am I seeing?

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I see this on both an InFocus IN72 and a Sharp DT-400. Both are DLP, one a 4x color wheel and one a 5x. I don't recall seeing this on the InFocus 4805, but that's not to say it wasn't there. So here's what I'm seeing. Whenever the whole image or most of it pans across the screen I see what I describe as false contouring. You can really see it when it's skin with lots of gradients moving.... then when it stops panning all the detail and gradients comes back. I can see it on both HD and standard signals.

So what is this? Is this a DLP problem? An 8 bit color problem.... which would explain why I don't recall it on the 4805 that I believe has 10 bit color processing.

I don't always see it though. I always notice it on Bikini Destinations (lots of skin) and today during Survivor. I would say that the pan has to be really fast also.

If you can tell me what this is... let me know. Thanks
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I thought it was a deinterlacing problem, but I just noticed it on a 720p signal. Maybe it's the cable box as I've never seen it on DVD that I recall.
Wow a whole week and no body has anything to say? I can't be the only one seeing this.
Hi Nate,

Since you said you only see it on your cable box, then you're most likely seeing MPEG2 compression artifacts. They're much more obvious on a projector than a TV. Fast motion, like a pan, requires more bandwidth ( less compression ) compared with scenes without much motion. Service providers usually throttle the bandwidth, so the compression really kicks in during high motion. Sad but true.

thanks... I didn't think of that as being a compression issue. I can see different artifacts that I knew had to do with compression, but that just never passed my mind. And it tells me why I see is sometimes and not others. Thanks!
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