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I have just reconfigured my HT system that I have been happily running for 6-7 years. I thought it was time for a change so I said good bye to my beloved Lexicon MC12 and bought the new Marantz 8801. I am now looking to change up my amplifiers somewhat. I currently have 2 Brystom 3b SST's powering front R/L and an EAD Powermaster powering the surrounds in a 7.2 channel system. Speakers are M & K 150 's and M &K sub and a Monitor Audio sub. I love the EAD, but time for a change. The EAD and the Lexicon along with the Bryston's were made for each other. I feel something lacking now with the 8801. I am 80% action movies, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Bond mostly rock'em sock'em loud crash bang movies. I do like multichannel music CD.s, SACD and DVD/Bluray live concert stuff. I have been considering three different 5 channel AMPs.

1) Classe CT-5300 5 x 300w

2) Mark Levinson No 535h 5x200

3) SimAudio Moon Titan 5x200

I am looking for input feedback on these amps paired with my Brystons, 8801, M & K's and OPPO 105. The Classe I am shying away from because it is 24" deep and my rack only accommodates 20" deep.and I don't want an AMP on the floor, (however i could change my mind). I have 24" of space from the front to the rear wall with the rack taking 20" of that so the Classe won't fit there. I will be running a 7.2 system and at some point 9.1 or 11.1(2). So this leaves the Mark Levinson and the Titan. I have read good things about the Titan even though it has been around for a few years I believe it is still relevant. The Mark Levinson is hard to find reviews on, but the ones I found we also very positive. I am not interested in the Emotive, Outlaw path. Any insight would be appreciated and would welcome first hand experience with any of these AMPS. Perhaps someone has made the switch from an EAD to one of these and that would be valuable as well.

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