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what are some competitors to the sony xbr450

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what are some competitors to this set that offer the same features?

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panasonic TAU- good value.

Toshiba also has a new flat screen direct view HD-ready 4:3 set. - haven't seen it yet.
The Panasonic Sets are nice, as well as the Tosh HFX71's. For the price though the Tosh's and the Panasonic are going to be fairly close to the XBR, were as the XBR has what Sony calls CineMotion. This is 3:2 pulldown for regular NSTC signal, much like progrssive scan for DVD. So when watching things on TV that are film it inproves the imaging. this has to do with Sony's DRC.
NOTHING competes with the XBR450!:D
I would say the only real contenders are between the Sony kv-36hs20/kv-36xbr450 (hs20 is only lacking 3:2 pulldown) and the Panasonic CT-36HX41 . Personally I prefer the sony models, for a number of reasons.

The biggest reason with all the nitpicking aside is that FAR MORE INFO exists on the xbr set than the tau. Visit any number of forums/websites and such and fine tweaks, fixes and a bunch of other stuff

SteveMiller: I think you misunderstood what cinemotion is, does. Cinemotion is for using an interlaced dvd player. The tv already has a line doubler but with cinemotion it does the 3:2 pulldown in order to get a more accurate picture. The TAU's also have this.
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