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What are the best LIVE games with Co-Op?

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So far the shortlist:

Doom III...allows co-op over LIVE (and ONLY Live, I think...or system link).

Rainbow Six III and its followup Black Arrow...both allow co-op over live. Anyone know if this is just terrorist hunt and whatnot, or if you can do the campaign as co-op as well?

Ghost Recon 2 and GR: Summit Strike: Lots and Lots of online options...run all the missions in coop, as well as free map downloads...are those just deathmatch co=op or also terrorist hunt co-op type of things..

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow: Limited deathmatch type play and some team based deathmatch/mission type stuff.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: Fully blown co-op..over Live right? Also the old modes from Pandora Tomorrow....right?

MechAssault II? IS there any co-op in this game?

ALSO: Does anyone know if you can unlock any of the cars in pgr2 (besides buying the 2 packs) without actually playing through the ENTIRE game?

I have a buddy who was going to get PGR2, only then I remembered.....he'd have to play for weeks to get enough credits to unlock all the cool cars :(
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can't speak for xbox games but I'm loving GRAW, so may options and game types as well.. It really never gets old when playing online for me.
I forgot that was out for XBOX...right...

Also the Star Wars BATTLEFRONT games that are on XBOX live, you can do co-op over live on those as well, can't you? Or is it strictly deathmatch...can you do same-side versus bots like the battle for Genosis??

Anyone know if you can do that in the First or Second game....

Does Rebel Commando have any LIVE multiplay components?
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