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What are the differences between RD-XS models ?

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I'd like to buy Toshiba RD-XS52 or RD-KX50 mainly because of an awesome DNR and input filters that produce excellent PQ. I have some PAL VHS recordings and was looking for same model but for PAL. As I see on Toshiba website there are many different models and so would like to ask you which models for sure HAVE same or better TBC/DNR filters as XS52 has.

For PAL I've found these models :

XS24 , XS32 , XS34 , XS44 , XS64

are you familiar with any of those above ?

This XS44 is very interesting model because of

11 bit/ 216MHz Video DAC and NTSC Line-in recording

Can I record NTSC signal using svhs input in XS44 ?

Anyone has tested 11bit DAC and PQ in comparison to 10bit ?

XS44 seems to be tempting offer but as for me cheaper might be buying two different XS, one for PAL and one for NTSC (which I'd return after done with conversion).

I have no experience with NTSC-PAL and PAL-NTSC converters but maybe it would be enough to transfer PAL VHS movies to DVD format using XS52 ?
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