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What Are You Best Audio/Video Sites?

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Hello to all. That’s my first post to the forum and I am really glad for joining a community which shares my passion for audio (and video!)

So, to handsel (is the expression correct?) my being here, I have a question for you all: Which do you personally find the best audio/video companies web sites you have stumbled upon? By “the bestâ€, I mean both visually and practically (how easy it is to find information and so on). By audio/video company, I mean speaker, amplifier, turntable, projector e.t.c. manufacturer.

Personally, I was mesmerized by both Jamo's and Bang&Olufsen's websites (if they didn’t know about flawless design, who would?). Their web page design and layout is absolutely top of the line and it was fairly easy to find any info I desired. The high-res pictures of Jamo are definitely an added bonus.

Looking forward to your replies

Best Regards

Angelos, the CthulhuPhile

p.s.: Excuse my poor use of English, it isn’t my native tongue
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There are ton's of great sites, the two that stick out the most to me right now are

http://www.projectorcentral.com/ - for projectors
http://www.audioholics.com/ - for audio equipment
The web site with the most links : Boston Audio Society, 7 pages of links.Page 1 has the featured links. On that page click on" Exotic Audio". It'll blow your mind unless of course your a ba zillionare
I second WWW.AUDIOADVISOR.COM I bought my Parasound 7100 controller there and they were excellent. They answered all my emails and gave great advice I must say. Also they often times have B-stock equipment that come with a full warranty. My Parasound 7100 was B-stock,got it with $1,000 off the list with a full warranty. I called Parasound and they said all B-stock equipment was fully checked out by Parasound technicians too. So the B-stock stuff is a great thing at AA. Hope that helps J.H.
Vintage /Used Audio Equipment

1. classicspeakerpages.net

2. recycleaudio.com
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