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I am trying to build a Pseudo-HTPC. I am confused about the combination of Audio and Video input and output cards I should use. I am posting a description of what I am trying to build here in hopes that somebody can help. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

System specs I am fairly confident of (but not unwavering):

- Intel P4 2 GHz (or maybe I'll OC the 1.6 GHz)

- ASUS motherboard (haven't decided which one)

- 10/100 ethernet

- One or two Western Digital 120 GB HDs

- Pioneer A04 DVD R, RW, CD R, RW

- Windows 2000


- output video to any two of: HDTV, SVGA monitor, TV; at possible resolutions.

- input video from SVGA, component, composite, and untuned HDTV and TV (tuned by computer).

- output audio, as good quality as possible; digital out, supporting stereo and 5.1.

- input digital audio stereo and 5.1, analog stereo audio.

- video output can be treated seperately or as one continuous screen (i.e. can hook up two monitors and have one big desktop)

- capture inputted video and audio losslessly.

- computer is quiet within reason

- supports gaming but doesn't need to be cutting edge

I am assuming I can find software to do the following:

- create computer video files in at least one popular format (MPG, AVI, ASF)

- create video DVD which is readable by normal DVD players

Explicitly not goals:

- video editing, beyond capture, cutting, and combining

Thanks again,

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