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What brands of 50" plasma's are Sam's and Costco selling right now ????

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Im wondering what brands of 50" plasma's are Sam's Club and Costco selling right now (especially in Las Vegas). Im asking because I go on their websites and what they have listed is sometimes not the same as what they both carry when I call them or have gone down there in the past, and sometimes when I call them they say they cant say brands or prices over the phone. It is very hard to make it down to these 2 stores to look in person (my work hours) so if anyone has any current info on what Sams and Costco has for sale in 50" plasmas (low to high end) that would be of great help. I know prices cant be mentioned but if anyone would like to send me a pm that would be great.

I currently have a 46" plasma that I got at Sam's a few months ago but when I purchased my 46" they didnt have any 50".

Thanks in advance

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It varies store by store.

You need to get on over there.
The Costco in Chantilly, VA......I was there tonight had a beautiful Pioneer 43" HD plasma as well as a Panasonic 50" HD plasma. They also had an EDTV plasma, but I can't remember what brand.
Models/brands/inventory always change there, just like the other stock. It's hit or miss. Usually, they have much more online than in the stores.
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